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Frequently asked questions


How do I create a new project?

Under the "Settings" button you will find the "Basic project data" tab. With a click on the "+", you can open a new project.



How do I define a different logo?

Under the "Settings" button you will find the "General" tab, there you can define your own logo.

Important: Only included in Premium subscription.

How do I define one logo per project?

Under "Settings" / "Project basic data" / "Project" you can adjust the logo per project as desired.

Important: Only included in Premium subscription.

How do I change the system language?

Under the "Settings" button you will find the "General" tab. There you can now select one of five system languages.

How can I predefine standard texts?

You can fill the title and the default text accordingly and then click "Done" to save the entry.

How do I create a backup?

By clicking the "Backup" button you can save your data locally on the corresponding device. The data will be saved on your device under Files.

How do I load a created backup to the device?

Clicking the "Restore backup" button will take you to your files. There you can select the file you want to restore.

What does the signature function do?

Working time reports can be signed in writing to ensure that they are correct. Those reports that have been signed cannot be altered again.


First select the “Signature” icon in the working time report:


Select the green plus in the window that appears:


Next, select the “Select person” bar and select the relevant person:



The selected person can then sign and save the signature by clicking on “OK”:


In the following window, select the correct person:



The working time report is now signed and can no longer be changed:

What does the protocol number mean?

The log number is made up of the date, time and versioning.

For example: date (red), Time (green) & versioning (Blue)

Wie werden Backups erstellt und in die PSE Cloud hochgeladen?

The first step is to log in to the PSE Cloud.

To do this, select the profile icon at the top right:

Then enter your PSE Cloud login details:


You will then be redirected back to the main page.
There, select the gear icon to access the settings:


In the settings, select the “Backup” tab:


In this tab, you will see your backup options.
Select the “Create cloud backup” button there:


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